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glad to see the forum has taken some of the suggestions into account .heres a chance for all those who wanted a hep c spot.me im a registered blood donor and recomend everyone donate blood the summer months blood banks have a large drop off in donations as schools are closed.If you want to get paid look in the phone book or web for plasma donation centers.they will pay you 25-50 for plasma depending on your blood type
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thanks to everyone who asked for these new pages
I'm sure they'll get plenty of use
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More negative karma please =-)

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How many forum organdonors? I posted this same topic a while back. With this new forum page up i thought id bring it back. A couple months ago I was at the dmv gettin my drivers license, n Phils words came in to my thoughts when i came across the organ donor part of the paperwork. So now, if something happens to me, i can help people after im gone. =-) Jus wonderin how many people on the forum are donors. Your reason for becoming one. Was it because youve heard phils donor rap hundreds of times, or were you one before. Also, has anyone on here gotten a new organ from a donor?

Thanks for listening to the forums suggestions. =-) Im diggin the changes.
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Been a donor for years now. Reason? I cant use them when I'm gone! I did hear Phil's rap and thought it was honest and brave!
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